You Could Talk to the Other Side

Have you ever wished you could talk to loved ones who have passed away? Have you wished you could receive tangible answers from God about life’s most pressing issues? The truth is, you’ve always had the power within you—and author Cathy L. Tigges, CTACC, is here to show you how. Through its easy-to-follow instructions, You Can Talk to the Other Side will guide you on a life-changing journey, without the need for fancy equipment or expensive visits to professional mediums. Learn to clear your subconscious of obstacles, develop your intuition, and achieve safe and loving communication with the spiritual world—including friends and family who have previously passed on. This helpful and healing guide allows readers of all ages and abilities to reap the benefits of spiritual contact using just a pendulum and some simple charts. Through the power of your own intuition, you’ll receive answers to those lingering questions you’ve always wanted to ask, develop a closer relationship with God, and even find a greater sense of peace regarding death itself. So keep an open mind and get ready to unlock the power within, all with the help of this effective and eye-opening introduction to the world of pendulum divination.

If you have purchased the book, here are the charts to use as a guide.