Pendulums and Dowsing

Dowsing” is a method of obtaining information beyond our ability to see, hear, feel, taste, or touch.  Using a pendulum with the charts used for SHT is a form of “Dowsing.”

Dowsing gives us a tool to use our own God-given ability to explore the world of subtle energies that are everywhere within and around us.  Everyone has this ability and gift at their disposal. We must initiate the process to use this gift; Spirit offers assistance, but we must ask for it.

You can get information from your subconscious mind with a pendulum when it’s called for, however, the subconscious can mislead you because it is merely a filing cabinet that stores emotions based on perceptions that are often not accurate.  The main objective with using the pendulum and charts for Soul Healing Technique is to receive messages and guidance from our spiritual panel; our two guides, high self, and Source.

We want to get the best possible answers from the highest source possible so learning to use a pendulum effectively and safely is one our main objectives.

To learn more about how to effectively and safely use a pendulum for divination, read “You Can Talk to the Other Side,” recently released on Amazon.  The book was written to help people connect to the other side, and offers a step by step process to learn how to use a pendulum safely and effectively.

Uses for the Pendulum:
• Connecting with High Self and contacting the spirit world
• Detecting unwanted or negative energies
• Confirming decisions
• Cleansing and balance Chakras
• Finding lost items
• Clearing negative energies
• Choosing a pet, restaurant, book, etc.
• Dowsing a map to find the perfect vacation spot

Resource for beautiful pendulums: