C TiggessmFor as long as she can remember, Cathy has had a curiosity about God. Her journey of seeking the presence of God has taken her down many different paths. Much of her time for the past 35 years, she spent training in several different modalities in spirituality, religion, and the spiritual healing arts. The more she studied, the more she developed her intuitive skills which she used along with her Life Coaching Training to help her clients. Praying and meditating each day, as well as helping people, has brought Cathy closer to God. She is now able to feel His presence in all things in her life. Cathy L Tigges, CTACC, also had a career in the healthcare industry, is a certified life coach, and a featured author in Life Manual for 21st Century Women, a book written by women for women. This Massachusetts native is retired and lives in Arizona with her husband Jim, as well as their too little Chihuahuas.