Soul Healing Technique

Soul Healing Technique (SHT) is a form of Past Life Coaching that can help you change and transform your life. SHT will clear negative energies, subconscious blocks and “emotional baggage” stored in your subconscious mind, aiding you in your search for happiness, prosperity and spiritual growth.   SHT is an accurate way of uncovering our *Schemas, an organized pattern of thought or behavior, an exclusive feature of SHT,  that prevents us from moving forward and expressing ourselves fully.

By removing the negative patterns and emotions in your life caused by subconscious programming and replacing them with positive energies, it will allow you to move forward in your life with renewed confidence and vision.

This technique involves working with Source (God, the Universe, and Heavenly Father) and Cathy’s two guides. She uses a pendulum and a set of charts that she created to help obtain the basic structure or outline of the past trauma, parallel or past life that has created issues for you in this life now.  After obtaining the basic information, she intuitively begins to receive the details of that past life or past experience.  Beyond discovering what occurred in your past and clearing the negative energy created by your past, this detail can also bring you an understanding of other issues/challenges that have directly or indirectly impacted you in this life.

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